The New Rogue Femme


We’re so excited for 2015 as we introduce our new roster of empowered fantastic women, who will be contributing to Rogue Femme and will ensure we’re on trend with everything from Fashion, Fitness, Food & Lifestyle


Nadia Ali

With a background in music, fashion and health, Nadia Ali brings her passion and enthusiasm for discovering the latest and greatest Lifestyle products for the modern woman to Rogue Femme.


Lifestyle & Mummy Stuff

Charmaine Sleishman

From working in the cooperate world of wine, to a Sydney Theatre company, a background in her husbands boutique drum business and a love for things in everyday life that catch my eye. Now ……


Send us your ideas and stories so we can share it, and thanks for your support.

Arrnott Olssen

Editor in Chief – Rogue Femme


Nutrition On The Run

Staying healthy is really important to me after having lost a heap of weight in 2011 with my good friend Shaun Button, and one of the most important factors is eating the right food at the right times. In today’s busy environment I’m always on the lookout for products that that will keep me eating right on the go, and so when told about Meal in a Bottle I jumped at the opportunity to try it…

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